Removals in Surrey

Zoltan on Time provides removals in Surrey, and also in Sussex, Kent and London.

Here at Zoltan On Time, we recognise that moving home or offices can be a uniquely stressful experience. It can cause anxiety and strain. You just want to be settled into your destination immediately – but there’s an angsty process to go through.

Don’t worry. With Zoltan on Time, everything will be organised and calmly under control.

When it comes to moving YOU from A to B, we’ll put your needs at the top of our list. Most likely you’ve got an internal tick list. Does it feature the following?

• A strong, hardworking team

• Prompt, punctual and productive

• Reliable, friendly and polite

• Super-careful of your worldly goods

We’re sure that it does and we’re all about customer service. No all companies that provide removals in Surrey are the same. Here’s how we work for hardworking families and business owners like you:

Site Visit

Zoltan On Time always carries out a site visit.

Always, always.

Why? Because your moving day is extremely important, and you need the right services at the right price.

Show us round, and ask as many questions as you like. Also, we’ll note your specific requirements (for example, your house layout, and any heavy or antique furniture you may have), for a complete picture. We’ll discuss the distance to your destination, and the type and size of property, too, as well as access.

With over 10 years’ experience, our MD will allocate the best resources, skills, team members, transport and time scale to your project. Reliable, friendly and polite. Super-careful of your worldly goods.

We’re sure that it does and we’re all about customer service. Here’s how we work for hardworking families and business owners like you:

Get an estimate straight away

Just fill in your details to our online calculator for an immediate estimate. You’ll have a ballpark figure to work with within just a few seconds.

Look out for your quotation

You’ll receive a fully costed quotation, with everything included for easy budgeting.

Confirm your booking and pay upfront

And, we’re all set to go.

On the day

We’ll turn up…on time! It’s in our business name, after all. Punctuality is so very important to us. Your time is valuable, and we never forget that.

During your move

Relax as much as you can. We’ll see you there.

When it’s all done

Look forward to an exciting new home or place of work, knowing that Zoltan On Time took care of everything to the highest possible standards. Happy with our service? We’d love you to post a positive review on our Google Business Profile page.

And, do recommend us to your friends and colleagues. Removals in Surrey is our Thing.

Get an estimate straight away

For your peace of mind, Zoltan On Time is fully and comprehensively insured and a proud member of Check A Trade.

Why not get in touch, or better still – fill in our online quotation form for an immediate estimate?

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